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aProfiles - Auto tasks MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 3.43

Automatically configure your device for life situations!

App NameaProfiles - Auto tasks
Publisher Sam Lu
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
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About aProfiles

You can construct profiles, which are groupings of actions that automate tasks on your device, and rules, which define when a profile should activate or deactivate. aProfiles is an automation tool for Android that allows you to create profiles. You can modify the settings of numerous devices at once by starting a profile, establishing a rule to activate a profile automatically, and disabling rules without removing them if you use aProfiles. In addition, the app displays a notification whenever a government or profile is being executed, and it is compatible with home screen widgets that can instantly activate a profile.

The characteristics of the App

This app is jam-packed with features that make it easy to automate chores on your Android device, which is a big selling point. The following is a list of some of the features offered by aProfiles:

  • Actions: An action is the most fundamental component of an app; it is a function that the app carries out. aProfiles can support various operations, including disabling Wi-Fi, switching to vibration mode, auto-rotating the screen, auto-syncing, checking the battery level, Bluetooth, mobile data, NFC, and Wi-Fi tethering, among many other possibilities.
  • Profiles: A profile is a group of actions. For instance, you can define a Night profile that switches the phone to silent, lowers screen brightness, and turns off the Internet connection.
  • Rules: A rule allows you to set a profile’s beginning and ending points in response to events on your device. You may, for instance, design a Sleeping rule that turns on the Night profile at eleven o’clock at night and then depends on the Normal shape at seven o’clock the following morning.
  • Pro-only Features: aProfiles Pro version has advanced features such as no ads, support for more than five rules, auto backup profiles and rules, and more.
  • Actions and situations that are Supported: The app offers support for various activities and conditions, including Airplane mode; the app was opened. Close applications, Open apps, and Start the Shortcut, please. Send Intent; the screen will automatically rotate, including Calendar event, Call state, Carrier name, Roaming, Car mode, Sound for the default alarm, Notification, and ringtone, Docking, Power charger, Location, Headset, Cellular infrastructure, and Nearby Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, GPS, and Mute/Vibrate/Do not disturb My participation, Notice has been published, explicit Notification, the notification light, Play some music or the ringtone, Track controls (play/pause), Reboot, Send SMS, Timeout for turning off the screen The on/off switch, Notifications that you can hear, voice prompts, Popup message, Flashlight, Vibrate, and Flash The time scheduler and the event, Sunrise/Sunset, Volume, Wallpaper.

Ease of Operation

Users of aProfiles have complete control over how the modes are activated and are not limited in any way by the procedure itself. When users toggle between different methods, the program displays the necessary messages to inform them of significant changes. The application can also add widgets to the main screen, making it simpler to carry out activities and speed up the activation process. The drag-and-drop functionality allows users to rearrange the game modes and regulations best suit their needs.


The application will display notifications whenever a mode is enabled. It will also ensure that the data related to the methods are kept current while being gathered. Users can give the ways their names and select the relevant icons to go along with them. Users candidates to the main screen through the use s, enabling them to activate rules and modes more streamlined and time-efficiently.

The Backup and Restore Functions

Users can back up and restore previously used modes and rules at any time, thanks to aProfiles. Users now have access to a substantially derisive and diverse variety of game modes and regulations, and activation alerts are kept up to date timely and accurate manner rate. Users have reported that activating the methods without committing excessive time makes them feel more comfortable and convenient. Users need to be able to quickly transfer their customized settings to new devices or restore them after a factory reset. The option to back up and restore profiles and rules ensures this is possible.

Confidentiality and safety

Even when the application is stopped or not being used, the app will continue to collect location data to enable Location, Near Wi-Fi, Near Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connection, and Sunrise/Sunset conditions. The application, on the other hand, possesses an exceptionally high quality and security level. This protects user information while keeping the app’s interface simple. The software does not impose any age limitations, making it possible for everyone to play without the user being concerned about the safety of their personal information when using the many game modes.


aProfiles is a robust Android automation tool that enables users to automate jobs or numerous things on their Android device based on location, time triggers, battery level, system settings, linked Wi-Fi access point or Bluetooth device, etc. The app is a good option for anyone wishing to automate chores on their Android device due to its user-friendliness, notifications, backup and restoration capabilities, as well as its privacy and security aspects. aProfiles is available for immediate download, so go ahead and take advantage of the time-saving benefits of job automation on your Android device.

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