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Apex Legends 1

As we all know, the top two popular survival games in the world today are PUBG and Fortnite. Until now, the beginning of 2019, these two survival games still have no signs of stopping their hit, which is still being favored by many players. During PUBG and Fortnite’s dominance of survival games, very few games of the same genre can compete with them. But recently, a new survival game suddenly appeared that is welcomed by many gamers and is even on the way to overcome the two great products PUBG and Fortnite.

Apex Legends 1

This game is called Apex Legends, developed by producer Respawn Entertainment. Currently, the game is only released for PC and Console versions, and the mobile version has not yet had an official announcement. Unlike other survival games that were introduced before the release to catch the attention of players, Apex Legends appeared unexpectedly. Thanks to that, Apex Legends is currently interested and experienced by many players. After only 3 days of opening, it has attracted more than 10 million players to participate in the experience, an extremely impressive statistic. We will go to learn about this game to see if it has something special.

Apex Legends Review – Survival blockbuster 2019

In terms of gameplay, the game belongs to the Battle Royale FPS genre in the context of the universe of Titan Fall. However, in the game, there will be no giant robots at all but instead of 8 character classes with skill sets that make it easy to associate with Overwatch. It seems that Respawn Entertainment has had to wait a long time, learn a lot from other games of the same genre and keep the information very well before releasing this survival game.

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Still a familiar model, skydiving, loot, and running, but Apex Legend has changed them very cleverly. Instead of 100 players or the 4-player Squad, it has only 60 people on a map with only 3 members. Weapons and equipment are all futuristic items, so it might make difficulty for new players. But in return, it is an extremely cool feeling.

In the game, you need to reduce the time to loot and spend more on fighting. The battles in Apex Legends take place very often because the map is not too wide and the weapons with huge bullets force teams to fight right from the ground. In addition, the game also gives players the chance to revive with certain conditions and depending on the hill, so when your character dies, don’t rush to exit the game right away, you still have a chance to fight.

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Apex Legends also brings a multitude of interesting toys that other genre games never have, to make a difference. For example, shields to block when knocked down will help you stay alive when enemies are knocked down and shielded when needed. High-tech bombs such as firebombs, wide-area bombs, electric bombs. The film takes down the cinema to finish the enemy, the chips that customize weapons, vines and hooks to swing the walls, flying ships containing terrible cargo …

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Not only that, but we also need to introduce 8 characters in the game with extreme skills. There are characters that can be invisible through, some people create shields, heal, people drop smoke, poison bombs, people then turn the image … The customization of the skills of the characters is extremely diverse requirements The player must understand and utilize the character’s ability to coordinate well with the team.

The end

Owning attractive gameplay, a large number of players support, the game has promising development roadmap and a lot of compliments from the community. Apex Legends has risen to become the hottest name at the beginning of 2019, promising to become a fever in the future. Currently, the Apex Legends game has not yet been released for mobile platforms but promises to be released in a while. We received a piece of unofficial information that Apex Legends will be licensed by EA and released for Android and iOS platforms. Let’s wait and see! Below, there will be the link to download games for PC and Console systems.

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