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ap15 Launcher MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 2.23

Minimalistic Launcher

App Nameap15 Launcher
Publisher Apseren Industries
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
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About ap15 Launcher

ap15 Launcher is an application that can replace your home screen and is designed to give users a simplified and time-saving experience when controlling the software they find most useful. The application gives users the ability to rapidly and easily alter how they use their mobile devices by providing a user-friendly interface and features that may be customized. The app is a great tool for increasing the user experience on Android smartphones, and in this post, we will explore the different aspects of ap15 Launcher that make it such an excellent tool.

Automatic Administration of Your Preferred Applications

The capacity of ap15 Launcher to automatically manage one’s preferred applications is one of the app’s most notable features. The program uses various algorithms that track the number of times users have accessed their selected applications, giving greater weight to such applications. Users won’t have to waste time looking for the apps they use the most on the home screen or in the app drawer because they’ll be able to access them quickly and conveniently using this method. In addition, non-favorite apps do not clutter the home screen and remain readily available to users. This ensures that users can continue to utilize these apps without any difficulty.

Customizable Features

The app provides users with the ability to personalize their home screen to their tastes by providing a wide variety of elements that may be customized. Users can customize the Name, Color, and Shadow of each program, or they can modify the Color, Size, and Shadow settings for all apps at once. The application also includes the option to change the background to a solid color or an image, allowing users to make the most of the home screen’s basic design.

Displaying the Application with More Advanced Rules

Additionally, the application has more extensive guidelines for how apps should be shown on the home screen. Users have the option of selecting from a variety of display criteria, including 30% of the most frequently used apps displayed in a bigger font size, 30% of the most commonly used apps displayed at the top, all apps displayed in the same size, all apps aligned to the right, and usage indicated by color. In addition, users can have their own unique rules, which gives them more leeway in the custom home screens according to their preferences.

Covering Up Unused Applications

Users of ap15 Launcher can conceal the applications they never access, making the home screen appear neater. This function can help clear out clutter on the home screen, making it much simpler for users to locate the required applications. In addition, the application includes a search function, which makes it simple to access all of the apps, including the ones that have been hidden (this feature is exclusive to the Pro edition).

Added Advantages and Functions

The app comes packed with a variety of additional capabilities, each of which has the potential to improve the overall user experience on Android-based smartphones dramatically. Users, for example, can disable the top and bottom system bars, which frees up additional space on the screen for displaying the applications. It is unnecessary to launch the applications in question to check for updates because the application displays in the app list whether applications have notifications. In addition, users who have upgraded to the Pro edition of the application can create and save their own unique rules for the display of apps and generate amazing background images from within the Launcher.

Multiple Language Support

Currently, ap15 Launcher can be obtained in various tongues, including Chinese, Croatian, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Because it is available in management languages, the program is a flexible tool that may be utilized worldwide.


The ap15 Launcher program is a multifunctional and helpful software that can improve the overall user experience on Android-based smartphones. The application’s approach is streamlined and practical, enabling users to manage their preferred applications while maintaining access to their other programs and preventing the home screen from cluttering. In addition, the features that can be customized and the complex rules that can be applied to the display of apps allow additional versatility when it comes to personalizing the home screen. Because it has been translated into several pages, ap15 Launcher can be used worldwide. Therefore, an excellent tool for ever everyone who uses Android.

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