Ant Legion: For The Swarm
Ant Legion: For The Swarm

Ant Legion: For The Swarm APK 7.1.111

Build your underground empire!

App NameAnt Legion: For The Swarm
Publisher 37GAMES
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Ant Legion: For The Swarm is an exciting game about one of the most special animals on earth, the ant. In the game, you will become a master of strategy, who leads the ant kingdom to become powerful and defeat all other players in the world. If you’ve played or are passionate about similar games as Pocket Ants or Little Ant Colony, Ant Legion: For The Swarm is a strange and familiar breath of fresh air to you. Let’s learn more about this interesting game right here. In addition, we also bring you the MOD APK file (Full Version).

Building the empire

First, the player will start digging into the ground and start building his base. Everything will still follow the behavior of the ants when building the nest. However, it was personified. The most important thing is to spawn the fastest worker ants, from which to continue building. To build a perfect base, you must be a thinker like an architect, a talented military leader, and a smart economic planner. Because your base must ensure the principles of attack, defense, and economic development, they will be quite complicated. Your house is a series of interconnected tunnels. Make sure you know how to balance the above factors and create a strong base.

Collect, nurture and train a mighty army of ants

Once you have a nest, you must quickly collect the ants and form a legion. Ant Legion: For The Swarm allows you to reach all the ants in the world. They are divided into many types such as queen ant, worker ant, scout ant, and soldier ant… Players must try to develop the economy, unlock many types of ants, or research to create new, more vital species, and make an invincible legion.

Survival mission

Most importantly, players need to ensure the basic needs for their base are water and food. This will be taken care of by the worker ants. On the way to find food, they can find many things such as crafting materials, food, and sometimes precious items. In addition to ensuring the requirements for necessities, players also have to build defensive structures to protect the queen ant from large predators such as lizards, and pangolins…

Alliance with other players

Ant Legion: For The Swarm is a game that emphasizes the element of solidarity, so it will not be difficult for players to create a close alliance. To do this, you need to join with other players, help each other in economic development and protect the territory. However, what worries many people is the inability to have permanent alliances. Your friends can also turn their back on you at any time. So developing an increasingly powerful empire will protect you from those dangers.

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