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ANOTHER EDEN – Famous RPG of WFS launches the mobile version

You may not know, ANOTHER EDEN is a cult role-playing game of Wright Flyer Studios from Japan. This game was first released in April 2017 for Android and iOS in Japan. Soon after, the game received the love of the Japanese gaming community. The information about ANOTHER EDEN is spread to other countries, quickly interested by global gamers and they were looking forward to the day the game is officially released. But it is not until the first month of 2019 that ANOTHER EDEN is officially released as an international version for all players around the world to experience it.


ANOTHER EDEN has just been launched on Google Play and the AppStore a few days ago on January 28 for mobile devices. So gamers who have been looking forward to this super RPG will now be able to easily experience it. ANOTHER EDEN is released with the English version so players around the world can experience the game without having language problems. Below is an introduction to ANOTHER EDEN game for you to understand more about it before deciding to download it for the experience.

Background of the game

Coming to the game, you will learn about the main character named Aldo, and the other main character is his sister, Feene. His younger sister is not an ordinary person, she carries a terrible power or something very dangerous. That’s why a demon king tries to use Feene’s hibernation ability to erase people from the world. In a moment of despair while failing to rescue his sister, as well as unable to find a way to rescue the whole human race from the mad intentions of the demon king, a distortion in the space of time occurs, Aldo has escaped 800 years in the future. What is the next thing to do, please join the game to know it.


Role-playing gameplay

ANOTHER EDEN game is developed with the role-playing game in the popular JRPG style. The game has a main scenario consisting of 26 chapters, with gameplay related to the time that players travel through three main time periods: past, present and future. Thereby you will be accompanied by two main characters, Aldo and Feene, through which you will enjoy the extremely fascinating time adventures.


Participating in the game, you will experience the side-scrolling JRPG role-playing battles. You will directly control a character and interact with characters that cannot be played to advance in the game. You will control your character to attack the enemy with the available skills, the opponent will appear in turn to destroy you, but you can or not it depends on your play. About the trading, you and other players can spend real-world currency to get stronger items and characters.


3D graphics give you the smoothest experience

When released in Japan in 2017, ANOTHER EDEN has been very much interested by many players, not only because of its attractive role-playing style but also due to its high-quality 3D graphics. And this international ANOTHER EDEN version will still have the same excellent 3D graphics quality as the Japanese version, even better than the old version. You will enter a 3D world of Japanese anime style, most notably creating a picture for the system of characters in the game. In addition, the character’s effects will also make you love ANOTHER EDEN’s images.


At the end of 2017, this ANOTHER EDEN game received the Google Play “Best 2017” award for creativity in Japan, a huge success of WFS game company. So we can be sure that ANOTHER EDEN will be a hot game, favored by many players. The following will be the original version of Google Play or ANOTHER EDEN MOD APK version for you to choose to download and experience.

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