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Animus Harbinger is the latest product from the developer TENBIRDS, which was released in late September. The developer has been very successful with many mobile games such as Animus Stand Alone and Ire: Blood Memory. The common thing between these titles is that they are all role-playing action games with designs and gameplay inspired by the super hit Dark Souls.

Animus Harbinger 1

And this version of Animus – Harbinger will also have the familiar style, supports for both Android and iOS through Google Play and AppStore. Whether TENBIRDS can succeed with the Animus – Harbinger game like the previous version or not, let’s discover through the article below.

Introducing to Dark Soul: Animus – Harbinger

The game content

Animus Harbinger brings the player to a fantasy world with full of dark and mysterious colors, which we can view as Animus Stand Alone’s previous chapter. The background of Animus is formed in a wild and overcast world. Here people will have to face many dangers come from many different forces. Joining Animus – Harbinger, the player will take the role of a warrior to begin the journey of adventure. You need to fight for protection as well as for all humanity.

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Role-playing role

The game Animus – Harbinger will continue to develop the role-playing style according to the style of the popular Dark Souls game. In this way, TENBIRDS have been successful with the game Animus Stand Alone not long ago. Still, there will be a role-playing style with dramatic boss battles, which will give the player a great experience.

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With the diverse Boss system, players will have to find different solutions, to create a reasonable strategy so as to destroy all of them. In every other common boss fighting games, you just need to continuously hit the target. But in Animus – Harbinger, players will need to carefully watch their attacks and look for their downside to take the advantage.

In addition, we can see some other features that are very familiar in a role-playing game such as items making, weapons changing, …. Thanks to these features, players will be able to easily choose the type of combat weapon that suits each type of Bmatchesnd matches the situation.

Animus Harbinger 4

High-end graphics

One of the most attractive features of Animus – Harbinger is that its graphics are designed with extremely detailed and wonderful 3D backgrounds. It will give gamers the same experience as a high-end game on PC or Console. Therefore, the Animus-Harbinger game requires a relatively high-end gaming device, and a good battery life is required.

Download Animus – Harbinger APK

About the gameplay and graphics, we can see Animus – Harbinger is no less than its brother Animus – Stand Alone before. But Animus – Harbinger is totally free while with the Animus – Stand Alone, the player has to spend $ 3.99 to buy it. So the Animus – Harbinger is a great choice for you this time. If you like Animus – Harbinger, you can download the game through the link below.

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