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Every day, many animals are abandoned, and they need shelter and an organization that can take care of them. As an animal lover, you cannot ignore this problem. Let’s start building a great animal shelter where abandoned animals feel cared for in Animal Shelter Simulator.

About Animal Shelter Simulator

Many pet care games have been released, but have you ever thought about taking care of abandoned animals? Animal Shelter Simulator offers a new perspective and gameplay in building houses and bringing happiness to abandoned animals. You will be the owner of an Animal Shelter for various animals, including dogs, cats, rabbits, and other rescued animals. It will challenge you through multiple rescue missions and the job of operating this shelter. Also, it is exciting and helps you gain more experience and knowledge in the business and rescue of abandoned animals.

Animal Shelter Simulator gameplay

Rescue the poor animals

There are many rescue requests sent to your center daily. You cannot solve all problems at once. Instead, you’ll choose high-priority cases to deal with first. Animal Shelter Simulator will lead you to each rescue situation of different animals. It could be a starving dog, an injured cat, a rabbit with nowhere to live, etc. Please pay attention to the time to rescue these types of animals. If you miss the rescue time frame, you can no longer reach the animal. Besides, you need to perform the required tasks when choosing to save an animal. You can only successfully rescue an animal when fully completing the given requirements.

Take care of rescued animals

After successfully rescuing abandoned animals, you need to bring them back to the center and take care of them. Don’t forget to give them a name and choose an area to be in. Then let feed and play with them. Plus, these animals in Animal Shelter Simulator also need regular health care. You need to check their health and treat them if they are sick. Besides, it would be best always to clean their place to feel comfortable regularly. Don’t forget to play with them every day to keep them happy. If you have enough money, equip more facilities and expand the area of the shelter to accommodate more animals.

Animal Shelter Simulator features

Pay attention to the health indicators of animals

Each animal in Animal Shelter Simulator will have different health indicators. When taking care of these animals, you need to pay attention to health, food, hygiene, and fun. When the health bar shows green, the health and morale of these animals are at a good level. On the contrary, it is the warning if it is red, and you need to pay more attention to them.

An animal is in good condition when the stats are shown green. If the indicators are orange, they are feeling unhappy or hungry. If you don’t care for them for a long time, they will get upset and may leave. You can observe each of these animals’ stats at the main interface. Corresponding to the name of an animal will be their image and current state.

Direct interaction with abandoned animals

As an animal care worker, you will be the one to interact directly with them. You can play, walk or feed them instantly. While doing these things, they will interact positively with you. Animal Shelter Simulator creates a highly realistic simulation interactive space. It gives you the feeling of interacting with a real animal. Adorable dogs, cats, or rabbits will have great expressions. They will wag their tails when happy, bark, or even get upset when you don’t care. Also, you can pet them to increase positive feelings and make them always happy.

Expand the shelter and adopt more animals

As your center has grown, consider expanding the area and scope of activities. Prices will vary depending on the size of the expansion: the larger the area, the more significant the amount. As you expand your shelter area, you can adopt more animals. The number of animals that can be adopted will increase from 10 to 15 or 20. Besides, you can use the money to buy more space for the shelter and necessary facilities. Please equip more cages, food, sanitary equipment, toys for animals, etc. With these facilities, they will have a more comfortable life. Your friend’s animal adoption center also gets a reputation boost. You will also get more profit from this expansion and development.

Animal Shelter Simulator mod apk

Exciting quest system

Another source of your income in Animal Shelter Simulator is quest completion rewards. There are many tasks for you to perform every day. Each mission will have a different requirement and corresponding bonus. The tasks you usually encounter are feeding the animals, cleaning the cages, taking care of or playing with them, etc. Try to complete these missions to get as many rewards as possible. Besides, these missions also help you level up. This task system is also constantly updated to help you never get bored.

MOD APK of Animal Shelter Simulator

MOD info

Unlimited Money/ All Unlocked


Let’s start the journey to rescue abandoned animals and build a safe home for them. Download Animal Shelter Simulator now and give all animals a new and more joyful life.

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