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Amanda Horror chapter 2 MOD APK (Ad-free) 0.5

Welcome to Amanda the adventurer horror game.

App NameAmanda Horror chapter 2
Publisher Galata Studio Inc
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About Amanda Horror chapter 2

In Amanda the Adventurer 2, a horror game that will keep you on the edge of your seat, you will embark on a spine-chilling journey. Join Amanda and her companions as they investigate enigmatic gardens and unearth the sinister truths within them. This uncanny adventure assures an unforgettable gaming experience with jump scares, spooky sound effects, and puzzling puzzles!

Avoid the Haunted World

In Amanda the Adventurer 2, you become confined in Amanda’s realm’s uncanny garden. To escape, you must utilize your intellect and available tools to solve complex puzzles while avoiding Amanda and other horrifying monsters. As you progress deeper into this nightmare world, the suspense and peril increase with every step.

Discover New Friends and Face New Challenges

You’ll make new companions in Amanda the Adventurer 2 while exploring the gloomy corners. Work with your companions to unravel the mysteries of this perilous location. However, odd and disquieting events are occurring all around you. Are you able to discover the truth behind the atrocities plaguing this adventure?

Defeat Your Nightmares

Prepare for a game with heart-pounding jump scares, unsettling themes, and innovative puzzles. As a survivor in this horrifying world, you must rely on your toys, tools, and flashlight to navigate the impending hazards. Use your light judiciously to evade Amanda and her followers; the brighter it is, the more monsters you will encounter.

Experience the Horror That Is Constantly Evolving

Amanda the Adventurer 2 introduces new obstacles and captivating revisions, making the game even more thrilling than its predecessor. Play the online version with players worldwide, working together to solve the garden’s mysteries and evade Amanda and her hordes of fearsome accomplices.

Amanda the Adventurer 2 is the ideal addition to your collection if you are a die-hard game fan. Relive the spine-chilling moments of your adventures with your stuffed animal and bring the thrill of the game into your home.

Major Characteristics of Amanda the Adventurer 2

Immerse yourself in a spooky, atmospheric horror game with simple one-touch controls.
Solve difficult puzzles and escape the grasp of Amanda and her henchmen.
Experience the garden with various characters, including Amanda, Wooly, and Poppy Incredible street combat action with limitless thrills.

MOD APK of Amanda Horror chapter 2

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In this exhilarating horror game, delve into the mysterious world of Amanda the Adventurer 2 and put your problem-solving skills to the test. You’re in for a hair-raising adventure that you won’t soon forget, what with its engaging narrative, eerie ambiance, and limitless obstacles!

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