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Alto's Adventure MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.8.12

App NameAlto's Adventure
Publisher Noodlecake Studios Inc
Require4.1 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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One day, when you wake up and realize that all of your deer is caught, what would you do? Crying or determined to overcome difficult obstacles to find them? Go on an adventure in Alto’s Adventure to find the answer.

About Alto’s Adventure

Noodlecake Studios Inc is the developer of the exciting and challenging action game Alto’s Adventure. The game emphasizes entertainment adventure as well as the ingenuity of the player. You will transform into a shepherd named Alto. Although he is only a shepherd, his skiing skills are very skillful. Life is peaceful, then difficulties come when the dark forces catch all the deer. Alto is forced to fight and use his skiing skills to regain what belongs to him. Accompanying Alto, players can conquer countless rugged terrains and explore majestic nature. Images of snowy mountains, neighboring villages, or long-abandoned ruins will captivate you.

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Alto’s Adventure is an endless runner game similar to other typical names, Temple Run and Subway Surfers.

When transforming into Alto, you will use the provided skateboard to start the journey to find the deer. To control the character to move, the player just needs to touch the screen. Along the way, there are also many obstacles to challenge you. Therefore, you need to hold the screen to jump over dangerous obstacles, jump rope in the air or fly over obstacles. The important thing when playing is that you need to try to move as far as possible. The reason is that deer can travel farther and in unexpected places.

Besides, based on the distance your level reaches, Alto’s speed will increase more and more. Accompanying speed is the appearance of more obstacles. Therefore, you need constant focus. If you can’t concentrate enough and bump into obstacles, you have to stop the game and start playing again. Moreover, while playing, try to learn how to use combos to increase your score and speed.

Challenging obstacles and map

The terrain in the game is inherently forest, hillside, etc; forecasting this road is not as easy as you imagine. Players will have to face caves, deep cliffs, etc. These obstacles will be constantly changing and they are extremely diverse. Therefore, you can never guess what it is to take measures to avoid. Besides the obstacles, you also meet some interesting missions. Sometimes you need to rescue escaped camels, jump over scary abysses, destroy roofs, and fool the elders. Time also passes quickly and you will have to ski continuously under the transformation of this element. Moreover, Alto’s Adventure is endless, so the map in the game is also very long and diverse. When you finish exploring a map, you continue to open your eyes to obstacles in other difficult maps.

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Optimize your score during the adventure

Besides the main task of running as far as possible, you need to take care of the side task of increasing your score. The best way to increase your score is to pick up the stars that appear on the slide. If you miss picking up the stars, you can catch deer that appear on the road or perform technical acrobatics to earn points. To catch the deer, you just have to run over them. To perform technical acrobatics, take advantage of slopes and cliffs. Don’t forget to move on the line segments to gain the chain of bonus points quickly. However, the number of occurrences of these lines is not much, so you need to be careful to move on to them successfully.

Support item system

Your run and score will be more if your character has the help of support items. These items often appear in the game randomly when you run a certain distance. Sometimes you can be lucky to pick them up on your way without reaching the required distance. Some support items are Magnet Timer (magnet attracts all coins) and Hover timer (helps avoid stones on the way). Besides, upgrade these boosters in the shop to get more of them on the run. When the upgrade is successful, their efficiency and usage time are also improved.

Space and weather changing

Alto’s Adventure brings players the maximum feeling of being in harmony with nature. You will witness the change in the natural landscape with the change of time. Hillside, fog, jungle, and abandoned ruins will appear in turn on your run. Besides, weather effects are also added to create a realistic feeling. You can run under hot sun, snow, rain from dusk till dawn. All this change makes the game interesting and remarkable.

Alto’s outfit system

The game provides a unique skin system for Alto to change to enhance the playing experience. Alto’s Adventure owns an interesting costume store. These costumes have different themes and designs. If you want to own these characters, you need to reach certain levels to unlock them. Alto will become more beautiful wearing these lovely outfits.

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Sound and graphics

The sound in the game does not specify a piece of specific music but it mixes different natural sounds. You can hear sound effects of weather, bells from deer, or birdsong. All these sounds create a vibrant sound mix.

In terms of graphics, although designed simply, the graphics in Alto’s Adventure are full of truth and vividness. The whole natural landscape and snowy mountains appear majestic. Each landscape and weather in the game screen has its unique feature that is extremely interesting.


Let join the wild nature and experience adventures through majestic landscapes with Alto in Alto’s Adventure. Download Alto’s Adventure MOD APK now and start the journey to discover and find the lost deer.

Download Alto's Adventure MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.8.12

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