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You probably already know about Alita: Battle Angel, a movie based on Yukito Kishiro’s famous comic series 30 years ago. The work revolves around a girl who falls into the post-apocalyptic world and does not know who she is. Alita is forced to begin her journey to discover herself with an insignificant identity. The upcoming movie version in February is cherished by the “master technician” James Cameron for many years, so it will be a must-see product in the early 2019. While people are waiting for this cult movie, a mobile version of Alita: Battle Angel is released, and it’s totally worth your experience.

Alita Battle Angel apk 1

Alita: Battle Angel – The role-playing game from the popular series

This game will still be called Alita: Battle Angel,¬†which was developed and published by koramgame. It is designed as a normal ARPG game, meaning that it will take players into tight-handed action scenes with familiar modes such as overcoming, hunting, … The game gives players more experience. With a lot of different maps, appendices as well as bosses, the game brings you difficult battles where you must use everything you have to win.

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Coming to Alita: Battle Angel, you will not play the role of the main character, Alita. But instead, you will choose any character from 3 separate character classes including Mechanic, Stalker and Warrior. Each character will have a chart divided into categories such as survivability, damage… Each hero has different strengths and skills according to your style. You need to find a character that suits your gameplay to adventure together in the game.

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In terms of character development, the game is still designed like other RPGs. Accordingly, the characters in Alita: Battle Angel will be strengthened thanks to the modules found when the player adventures in the dungeon. You can edit your skills and character stats with these modules. Please continually upgrade your character’s power to be able to face the strongest enemies.

Wonderful graphics

Besides the dramatic and compelling action style, the beautiful 3D graphics are also an impressive point of Alita: Battle Angel, which has caught the great attention of the players right from the first time participating in the game. A ruined world after the apocalypse where cyborg warriors must find their meaning in life and their position compared to humans create accents like what this manga has done with the previous audience generations. You will experience the game with a smooth, most vivid feeling thanks to the modern image technology and magic visual effects.

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Download Alita: Battle Angel APK

With attractive gameplay developed from the popular comic content many years ago, Alita: Battle Angel will definitely be a popular hot game in the near future. If you are looking forward to the movie superstar Alita: Battle Angel coming out next month, you should definitely try this game. Below is the link for you to choose and download the game to your device.

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