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Only you know your thoughts. However, be careful as the genie in Akinator can know what you’re thinking and make you surprise with his answers.

About Akinator

Mortals cannot read each other’s minds. However, the gods have this ability. Akinator is a famous genie who can provide convincing answers with just a few simple informational questions. Right now, you can test this genie’s mind-reading ability through the game Akinator. Elokence SAS is the maker of this mind-reading genie game. The game is being released for free on Google Play. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to see the special ability of this genie.


Just think of fictional or real characters, Akinator is willing to guess the answer through many questions. Let answer this genie’s questions by choosing maybe no, maybe yes, yes, or no. The content of the question will also be different for each character you choose. Therefore, you will have various emotions and excitement when experiencing the challenge of this genie’s ability.

Whether the character you are thinking of is an actor, singer, or historical figure…., he can guess it all. Try to be the exception that makes him lose to receive attractive prizes. Also, while playing, you can invite your friends and challenge them on the leaderboards of the best mind readers.

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How Does Akinator Work?

Without a doubt, Akinator is a fun game to kill your free time at anytime, as long as you have Wifi/LTE connection on your Android device. Many people were really surprised at what Akinator showed in the game. It’s like a seer from the future who can accurately guess whatever is on your mind, just by asking questions. So, what makes it so special? It seems that it is a secret that the developer of this game has kept. The only information we know about is Limule, the core technology that this program is using to control the Akinator. There is no clear information on how this technology is working, but it really works.

In our opinion, the way the core technology in Akinator works is similar to artificial intelligence on other software. It learns and grows day by day. Based on the data that is loaded in every day, the game’s database is growing and perfecting more and more. That means the AI in Akinator grows on its own based on the input data. It compiled a huge script of predicting questions to give the right answers.

Win the AKI Award

AKI Awards are special prizes for players who win this genie. However, this genie is wise enough to guess the characters you are thinking of. So, the way to be the exception in this mind-reading game is to choose characters that have been forgotten. It is a challenge for Akinator, forcing him to reason more to get results. Of course, if he guesses wrong, you get a reward.

AKI awards usually range from standard, daily challenge, silver, etc. You can even get super rewards for the Platinum, Black, and Gold Aki Award. The Geniz bonus value you receive is also different. You can claim this prize at the end of a challenge. Besides, the game also shows you the time other players win this prize. Try to beat this genie to get more AKI prizes. They will give you an edge on the leaderboards.

Daily challenge

Akinator loves players who challenge his guesswork. Therefore, every day, find five mysterious characters and test the abilities of this genie. Don’t forget to choose strange characters to get more Geniz. There is a leaderboard for the players with the highest score in the shortest time. These daily challenges sometimes give you unexpected rewards that you didn’t expect.

Also, for your ranking history, look at the Hall of Fame. It shows the number of participants, the duration of the challenge, and also the individual achievements. Based on these metrics, you will know the number of wins and losses over different timelines. Also, it shows the number of AKI awards you received in the daily challenge.

Change the style of genie

Although Akinator is a genie, he is passionate about fashion. He will be delighted if you change his fashion style and make him stand out. You can change his style to cowboy, vampire, or even disco dancer. Plus, don’t forget to combine different clothes to make him stand out. With new styles, he will become funnier. To unlock new costumes for this genie, you need to use special magic potions. You can buy this medicine with Geniz in the store. In addition, this potion eliminates annoying ads and makes it easier to customize your character.


Update two new topics: Animal and Films

In addition to the familiar topics of art and celebrity, the maker of Akinator has added two new topics. Animal and Movie themes are added to diversify the content for players. Genie will become wiser and widen the ability to read your mind. Also, you can challenge him with many famous movies or strange animals you know. Backgrounds for these two themes are also updated to give you a new experience. With this update, you never get bored.

Some other awesome features

  • Support 16 different languages: Akinator allows players to choose from many languages like French, German, Japanese, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, etc. Therefore, you do not need to worry about not understanding the language when enjoying the game.
  • Filtering sensitive content: It ensures a safe environment for young children and helps parents feel secure when letting their children play games.
  • Record the screen: While playing the game, you can record the screen of the happenings. Then, let save it to your phone or share it with others.
  • Suggesting photos and questions: Help the genie improve his powers by suggesting photos and questions. Your suggestions and questions are helpful and necessary to make the game more engaging.
  • Sign up for a personal account to save your entire gameplay: Whether it’s the unlocked accessories, the Aki rewards you win, or the Genizs score, it’s all saved. Moreover, it also automatically syncs your achievements. Therefore, even if you change devices, everything stays the same.

MOD APK of Akinator

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Are you curious about how this genie reads your mind through some simple questions? If so, download Akinator right away and experience this interesting mind-reading feeling.

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