AirDroid: File & Remote Access
AirDroid: File & Remote Access

AirDroid: File & Remote Access MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 50M

The local and distant connection options available with the AirDroid Mod APK program are out of this planet. You may use the program to manage your Android smartphone from your computer.

App NameAirDroid: File & Remote Access
Require5.0 and up
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
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About AirDroid

AirDroid by Sand Studio is a revolutionary program that enables users to control their Android smartphones by logging into any web browser on any computer. Users can effortlessly access and manage their device’s content using the mouse and a more comfortable interface thanks to the feature allowing the local and distant connection.

This one-of-a-kind program allows users to remotely add or delete components from their Android devices, uninstall applications, and carry out various other tasks. The capability to quickly transfer data between the computer and the phone, including images, songs, and movies, is among its most valuable. This ability makes it a breeze to move data between the two devices.

Because of its extensive feature set and engaging user experience, AirDroid has garnered acclaim and recognition from people worldwide and has been downloaded millions of times. On Google Play, it has an outstanding user rating of 4.3, and millions of users have adopted it as their go-to tool for managing Android devices.

Manage Your Phone Remotely

AirDroid offers an all-encompassing solution for remotely managing your Android device’s settings and applications. This application gives you access to a wide variety of capabilities on your computer, such as file transfer, remote control, screen mirroring, and SMS notification alerts.

Because it is compatible with all operating systems and can be accessed online, AirDroid is the most efficient application you should use to manage your mobile devices. The online version of the application makes device management simple, eliminating the need to install any additional software.

Complying messages on your personal computer and sending them via your Android smartphone is one of this application’s most exciting and valuable aspects. The capability of remotely operating your device is made much more convenient by this function.

In addition, the user interface of AirDroid may be viewed directly from the browser on your personal computer. This includes browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla. Because of this, you can fully use the application of the web browser or machine you use.

Key features

AirDroid MOD APK is a reliable app that streamlines several Android user processes. A lot more can be done besides downloading videos from the internet. Some notable qualities are listed below.

Hyper-Fast File Transfers

AirDroid gives its customers access to an all-encompassing mobile device management suite, making it easier for them to carry out various activities. AirDroid provides an experience that is not equal to productivity by providing capabilities such as screen mirroring, file transfer and management, remote control, and SMS notifications on your PC, amongst many more.

The application’s capability to transmit data at a lightning-fast pace of up to 20 MB/s via either local or distant connections is among the most striking aspects of the application. Users have the freedom and convenience of selecting their connection type from among 5G, 4G, Wi-Fi, and network options.

The Nearby feature of AirDroid enables users to instantaneously and directly transmit photographs and videos to their contacts without requiring them to create an account or connect to the internet beforehand. This functionality makes the program easier to use and assures that users may transfer data promptly and uncomplicatedly.

Mirror Your Android Screen

Mirroring allows users to view the screen of their Android handset on another device. This function is perfect for sharing your display with others, such as an audience, a partner, or pupils, when you teach them a lesson.

AirDroid users can mirror the display of their devices wirelessly thanks to the screen mirroring capability. Users may also stream their broadcast. This offers a smooth experience and enables users to share games or photographs with their audience rapidly.

Because of this function, it is unnecessary for the phone and the computer to be connected to the same network. This makes the experience more convenient and ensures users can easily mirror their screens regardless of location.

Make Calls from Your PC

Users can input phone numbers in bulk immediately on the app after the AirDroid desktop client has been installed on their computers. They are also able to make calls with simplicity.

Users can chat with anybody they choose using their handset or Bluetooth headset by clicking to call that person. This feature makes operating your Android smartphone more convenient by enabling users to make phone calls from their personal computers rather than requiring them to use their phones.

In addition, the call function of AirDroid enables users to effectively manage their calls, ensuring they do not miss any critical phone calls. AirDroid is an excellent application for controlling Android devices and making calls from your computer due to its extensive feature set and intuitive user interface.

Take Full Control of Your Android Device

It is unnecessary to root the smartphone for users to completely control their device by utilizing the software on their computer. Users of this software can execute various actions remotely, such as playing games, launching or uninstalling applications, monitoring the status of the phone, seeing alerts, and sending or receiving files.

Even if the devices associated with AirDroid are located on different sides of the world, the remote control feature of AirDroid is simple to set up and functions faultlessly. Users can control their Android smartphones and perform various operations, resulting in a seamless experience.

They are installing AirMirror on the Android smartphone that will act as the controller is necessary; however, if you want to operate an Android device using another device remotely. This guarantees a smooth experience and makes it simple for consumers to exercise remote control over their gadgets.

Download, Store, and Discuss Your Favorite Data

With AirDroid, users may collect their favorite online videos and save them locally, guaranteeing they can watch them anytime.

The simplified interface of the app makes it simple for users to recommend and discuss movies with one another. This feature allows users to quickly distribute their films to other people, making it the best option for managing video libraries online.

In addition, the AirDroid Mod APK is a paid upgrade to the original app. This edition includes a complimentary subscription with a monthly data cap of 200 MB. The premium edition, however, gives users access to even more features and services and unlimited long-distance data.


AirDroid is the best app for organizing your streaming video library since it allows you to download and share your favorite clips easily. AirDroid guarantees a smooth experience because of its extensive functionality and user-friendliness, allowing customers to control their films.

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