Download Age of Civs MOD APK- New Efun Global's strategy game

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Age of Civs 4


  • Publisher: Game Tyroria
  • Platforms: Android+ iOS 8.0+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 426M
  • Latest Version: 1.16.1
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: March 18, 2019

Age of Civs – New Efun Global’s strategy game

Today ApkMod will bring you a very exciting tactical game called Age of Civs. This game was released not long ago by the publisher Efun Global. It has been released for both Android and iOS for completely free. Just launched a few days, but this game of Age of Civs has quickly received the attention of global players thanks to the interesting tactical gameplay. In the article below, we will bring you more information about this game and show you how to download the game and experience it.

Age of Civs 1

Build a strong empire

In terms of gameplay, the game Age of Civs was still developed with a tactics gameplay where you can build the army as other games of the same genre. When you participate in the game, you will take the role of a king and begin the journey to build his kingdom. You will have to focus on developing your kingdom in many aspects such as economics, diplomacy, defense, etc. so that you can fight the wealthy neighboring kingdoms.

Age of Civs 2

To develop a mighty and wealthy kingdom, you will have to go through many difficulties and challenges, especially the evolution of human civilization. This is a very unique and innovative feature in Age Of Civs when players can access to the advanced military, unlocking human civilization, and even change the past from ancient to modern, from the cavalry to the tanks, from the tribes to the city … in just a few seconds.

As you enter the battlefield, you will realize that the real-time battles in Age Of Civs are completely manual. Every step of the way, every decision of the player can change the going-on situation and reverse it. It enhances more to the game’s tactical factor. In addition, Age Of Civs has special AI algorithms that allow each soldier to bring independent thinking to their combat style.

Age of Civs 3

At the moment of fighting, the unique talents of each hero will directly affect the battle process, directly leading to the victory or losing. Therefore, players need to study carefully, plan the arrangements to bring the unique and innovative strategies by maximizing the characteristics and advantages of different soldiers.

The strategy games like this one will allow you to play quite simply when you can not interact with each other. But with Age of Civs, players in a match can interact with other people to make the game more interesting. Possessing a world map of super-wide, the community functions based on the mission system, the game will certainly impress every player. Especially, we can say no to loneliness in this game, because whether friends or enemies play an important role.

Graphics and sound

Age of Civs Mobile owns a gorgeous 3D animated graphic design. The characters and scenery in the game are designed very clearly and in detail. In particular, players will feel the dramatic and tense battle space while participating in large-scale battles in the game.

The visual effects are also heavily invested by the developers to give you the most authentic experience. In addition, the sound of the various weapons is described very vividly. Thanks to that, the player is really excited to see the simulation of the battle in history, with many heroes, legendary kings such as Alexander, Leonidas, Caesar, Napoleon, and other legendary generals.

Download Age of Civs MOD APK

In general, Age of Civs has a lot of new features to make the big difference compared to other games of the same type. Because of this, the game Age of Civs is quickly loved by players and the number of downloads is vastly increasing. It is partly because the game Age of Civs was released for iOS not long ago, and now we have the official version for Android. And you can download the game from the link below to experience it.

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