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AdGuard VPN MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 2.8.12

AdGuard VPN represents a novel, artfully crafted VPN application that offers an enticing fusion of sleek aesthetics and powerful functionalities, all inspired by the tenacity and stealth of a ninja. The aesthetic appeal coupled with top-tier features of this VPN service will undoubtedly leave you enthralled and content.

App NameAdGuard VPN
Publisher AdGuard Software Limited
Require5.0 and up
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
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Did you know that there is a VPN app that will help you access the internet like a ninja? – That is Adguard VPN. This App will provide you with a fast, stable connection with high security and especially without leaving any traces.

Why do you need a VPN?

VPN services are getting more and more popular because of their importance and usefulness. Today, we use the Internet to connect with the world. Your smart device receives and sends data through network connections. It would be a disaster when hackers infiltrate and take control of your network connection. Personal data can be stolen and your privacy compromised.

A reliable VPN will keep you away from the dangers of public network connections. VPNs automatically censor all data that users send and receive through a tunnel. It immediately blocks hazards. Not only that, VPN allows you to browse the web anonymously, access government blocked content, enhance security, and many other useful functions. If you are looking for a reputable name in the field, we recommend AdGuard VPN.

About AdGuard VPN — private proxy

AdGuard VPN is developed and published by AdGuard Software Limited, the creators of AdGuard ad blocker with hundreds of millions of users around the world.

It is an essential VPN app for every smartphone. With this app, you can greatly speed up your internet connection. As a result, your surfing or gaming experiences will be perfect. In addition, Adguard VPN can also secure all your data and smartphones when using a VPN. Besides, this app has a global network of servers. So you can easily bypass the firewall or unblock any website. Let’s discover more about Adguard VPN with APKmazon in the article below.

Adguard VPN – Browse like a ninja

AdGuard VPN is your reliable ally in the virtual world, expertly concealing your true IP address so your actual location remains a secret to prying eyes. Much like a ninja maintaining stealth, it wraps your identity in a shroud of encryption, rendering you wholly anonymous while ensuring all your data and web interactions are safeguarded comprehensively.

To pull off this impressive feat, AdGuard VPN boasts a robust infrastructure consisting of 50 server stations sprinkled across all the global continents. With such an extensive network of servers, it seamlessly provides you with an ideal virtual IP, meticulously crafted to cloak your genuine IP and physical whereabouts. This ingenious camouflage ensures your web browsing and all internet-related activities are secure, safe, and free from any possible interference. It’s like having your personal digital ninja, undetectable even to the most intrusive spyware or persistent hackers.

Furthermore, AdGuard VPN is firmly committed to maintaining the privacy of its users. The service has a stringent policy against gathering and disseminating personal user data. It doesn’t retain usage history or app logs, ensuring your internet data and cookies remain 100% secure, even while using public Wi-Fi or engaging in sensitive operations like online payments or shopping.

As we wrap up, remember that the virtual world is much like a game of shadows. You need a reliable ally like AdGuard VPN to navigate safely and securely.

Experience super-speed transmission

Adguard VPN will give you an internet connection with outstanding speed. All thanks to servers with superfast data encryption. Owning Adguard VPN means you have a fast and stable connection.

I am a journalist, my job requires posting and updating files constantly. So my priority is a stable stream. And my choice is Adguard VPN. To be honest, this app really works. I used to test my WiFi speed measurement using Adguard VPN using Speedtest by Ookla. Finally, the result is a complete superiority over normal connections.

Not only that, if you are a regular gamer, use Adguard VPN. Not only help you speed up the connection significantly, but the app can also eliminate all delays and lag when playing games. From there, you can comfortably enjoy perfect entertainment moments.

Absolute security of your data

Like other VPN apps, Adguard VPN can help you keep your data secure. Adguard VPN uses military-grade security standards. Specifically, your data and access will be encrypted using intelligent protocols. These protocols are only decrypted by the Adguard VPN servers. Then, Adguard VPN will respond to the data from you. This means that no one else will be able to steal or track your data. The reason is that it is encrypted and all your data will be safe.

Set your own rules

Another interesting feature of Adguard VPN is the ability to choose which can use the VPN connection. This feature is very useful because you will not need to continuously turn on / off VPN whenever you want to switch apps. Now you can easily grant VPN permissions for each app.

What’s more, you can also grant VPN permissions for private websites. You can experience this feature in Selective mode AdGuard VPN. Then you add the addresses of the websites that you want to access with the VPN service. And that’s it, AdGuard VPN will do the rest for you.

50+ VPN locations

Did you know that Adguard VPN owns more than 50 VPN servers in countries around the globe?

This means you can change your IP address to any country. You can choose the VPN server from the main page of the app. Each server will be displayed with the fastest network speed you can access. From there, you can compare and evaluate, and finally choose the most suitable server for you.

At the same time, with this ability to change IP, Adguard VPN will help you to bypass any firewall and access any website with no limit.

Avoid tracking

With Adguard VPN, you can avoid any tracking of your internet activities. That’s because Adguard VPN has a strict no-logs policy. Specifically, when you use the app’s VPN connection, all your data is encrypted through the VPN’s servers. Using a private server for such transmission will help you not to leave any trace on the internet.

In addition, Adguard VPN commits not to use or transfer the data stored on your server to third parties. Moreover, these data will be automatically cleared after a certain time.

In short, no one will know or be able to detect what you have done on the internet. All thanks to the security capabilities of Adguard VPN.

Befriend the dark side

Adguard VPN is also developed with the Dark-mode feature. That is, you can customize the theme color of the app. This is a recently developed new feature on this app. Its purpose is to optimize the user experience. Ninjas usually love the dark, and I believe you with Adguard VPN too.

Use on multiple devices

AdGuard VPN simultaneously elevates your digital experience by offering its services on multiple devices. It supports usage on up to 10 devices, all under the same account. Getting started is simple – download the AdGuard VPN app, set up your unique account, and voila! You’re ready to explore the digital world from any device securely.

Picture this: 10 devices leveraging the power of a single AdGuard VPN account concurrently, each achieving the fastest possible access speed to any website. Beyond that, rest assured knowing that all your devices are thoroughly safeguarded, both in terms of on-device data and during web access. AdGuard VPN hence stands as an optimal choice for users juggling multiple devices.

Quick user support

One thing that makes people love Adguard VPN is its fast user support. Whenever you have a problem with the app, go to Settings from the app’s main page and select “Support”. At that time, the app developer will support and respond to you 24/7.

MOD APK of Adguard VPN

There are many other advanced features that Adguard VPN Premium brings to users. However, to unlock this version, you will need to spend about $13/month. But now you can experience Adguard VPN MOD APK for free. Download this mod now at APKmazon!

Premium Features

  • Unlimited Speed
  • All locations & servers unlocked
  • Unlimited data
  • Streaming support

MOD Info

  • Premium Unlocked
  • Free download on


Adguard VPN is a smart and powerful VPN app. With this app, you can optimize your connection. As a result, you will have a super fast and stable connection. Not only that, but you can also adjust the IP address to other countries quickly and easily. In addition, Adguard VPN also helps you secure all data and smartphones when accessing the internet. Please click on the link below to download Adguard VPN MOD APK for free at APKmazon.

Download AdGuard VPN MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 2.8.12

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