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Ace Hunter 1


  • Publisher: NetEase
  • Platforms: iOS+ Android+
  • Price: FREE
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 339,7 MB
  • Latest Version: 1.0
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  • Date Updated: May 10, 2018

Survival game is the current most popular game genre all around the world which is originated from Tencent’s famous PUBG game. The PUBG’s core survival gameplay has been redesigned by many developers to create new similar games. It was also transformed into more engaging gameplay. And the producer which is said to be the most successful in term of following the survival gameplay of PUBG is NetEase, the famous developer with a series of hot mobile and PCs games like Rules of Survival or Knives Out.

Ace Hunter 1

Continuing the success of the above products, NetEase recently launched a new survival game for the mobile platform called Ace Hunter (王牌 猎手). This game has a similar style to PUBG and promises to be one of the favorite mobile blockbusters this summer. The game was released recently, and below ApkMod will review the most impressive features of Ace Hunter (王牌 猎手) and show you how to download the game with the appropriate version.

NetEase continues to release a survival game called Ace Hunter (王牌 猎手).

Familiar content

In terms of content, you can easily guess that most of the surviving games have similar content. Ace Hunter (王牌 猎手) will still bring the player to a fierce battle between 100 people who will play together in a field. Who excels in beating up all the others will be the winner. Once you have chosen the male or female character, the player will be dropping in a large map with a variety of terrain such as city, forest, desert, … to try to survive to the end.

Ace Hunter 2

Interesting gameplay

Just like PUBG Mobile or Fortnite Mobile, players will need to prepare for a life-long journey with some task such as hiding, collecting weapons, personal items, and especially fighting. At the beginning of the game, players can find equipment and weapons appearing everywhere on the map to fight for the Top 1 position in the rankings. In addition to weapons, Ace Hunter owns a variety of fashion and color schemes for players to design their own characters to become unique in the battlefield.

Ace Hunter 3

In addition, Ace Hunter also forced the player to run continuously when the playzone is restricting, this is an almost indispensable feature in every survival game. It will make the game more dramatic when the players to get closer together and directly join in the battle instead of just hiding. As an online survival game, Ace Hunter offers a variety of multiplayer modes including squad, single player, double fierce. Therefore, players can invite their friends to experience the battle to become much more interesting.

Ace Hunter 4

Medium graphics

Ace Hunter is developed by NetEase with a nice 2.5D graphics with bright and outstanding color. The chibi-style character design and extremely colorful surroundings will definitely make you feel excited. However, Ace Hunter is only rated for graphics on average, not as high as the previous versions of NetEase.

Unique points of Ace Hunter

Because the survival game is now released so much that if there are no new features, Ace Hunter will not be able to compete with the products that were released before. Ace Hunter was developed with a few new features that players will not need to parachute from the plane as in other PUBG’s copies but they will directly go to the game. And the most notable factor of Ace Hunter in comparison with other survival games is the viewing angle. The game chooses the viewing angle from the top down to give the player a whole new experience.

Download Ace Hunter

In general, Ace Hunter was developed to be the most popular game available today with some new interesting features that are totally different from other survival games. It will certainly give players a great experience. Currently, this game is available on the AppStore and the Google Play’s version has not been available yet. But you can download games for Android from the APK file below, you can easily download the game and experience it.

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