Download Ace Force APK - Tencent's new MOBA + shooting game 

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Ace Force 2

Tencent is one of the leading game developers in the world today with many popular mobile games around the world. A few days ago, Tencent went on to release a new mobile game called Ace Force. Accordingly, Ace Force will be a MOBA shooting game in the style of Overwatch of the publisher Blizzard.

Ace Force 1

Introducing Ace Force- Tencent’s new MOBA + shooting game 

As mentioned above, Ace Force gameplay is quite similar to the famous game Overwatch, which is the MOBA shooting style is extremely attractive. Basically, it would be an FPS game, but the gameplay and main features are MOBA games. Involved in the game, players will still choose a character to enter the real time PvP 5vs5. Here, players will have to choose the weapon to fight against opponents.

Ace Force 2

Tencent’s Ace Force game has many similarities with Overwatch as the character skills, map system, and gameplay as mentioned above. But Ace Force will also have minor changes and unique features that will not bother players. The graphics of Ace Force are also quite impressive with sharp 3D image quality.

Ace Force 3

Download Ace Force APK

Ace Force is an exciting game that Tencent is preparing to hit the entertainment market in the future. Currently, there is only APK version for you to play, and the official version will be released in the near future. You can download the Ace Force game from the link below to try it out.

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