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In recent times, brand new games titles have received the attention of most players are survival games, strategy games or card games and they make many people feel boring. At this point many gamers are looking forward to a new exciting game with a different feeling. So today I will introduce to you a super unique game called Ace Attorney INVESTIGATIONS.

Ace Attorney INVESTIGATIONS 1Ace Attorney Investigations – Miles Edgeworth is an extremely critically acclaimed criminal investigation game released by Capcom, a popular publisher for many years. Ace Attorney INVESTIGATIONS game was released yesterday, December 8. As usual, the game will be released on the 2 most popular operating system is now Android and iOS completely free. Here are the most prominent features on Ace Attorney INVESTIGATIONS along with how to download games on your device.

Ace Attorney INVESTIGATIONS – Capcom’s crime investigation game

Unique and distinct game content

In the Ace Attorney INVESTIGATIONS, you will be a notorious lawyers along with the case has not solved the problem. A lot of abduction and murder continue to happen in the city, making people fearful and have no clue so solve the cases. And then Miles Edgeworth’s lawyer from the court-room emerged, get to the crime scene to investigate the case before issuing criminal convictions. Joining the game you will be portrayed as the famous lawyer Miles Edgeworth and undertake investigations of mysterious cases.


The gameplay that require much thinking

Your job as a lawyer is very difficult, you have to directly come to the crime scenes and analyze all the clues or things that criminals leave and chain the whole clue to make conclusions as well as conclusions at the correct crime. So the game requires you to have a good thinking, connecting the key clues to make the most accurate answer. However, at the scene you get help from the characters present at the scene when the case or the first person discovered the case.


Getting involved in the game will get the job of clearing up the cases and you’ll get your lawyer to go to different places around the crime scene to find the clues. From the clues, you have to analyze carefully and combine logically with other clues to get the final answer and give the sentence. The most important thing to do is to find evidence from the clues to make the crime. When they discovered the truth, lawyer Miles Edgeworth joined police officers to try to convict the criminals.

Other prominent features in the game:

  • Role as the famous lawyer Miles Edgeworth and began the journey of crime, the arduous crimes
  • Find out the clues involved in the case to get the facts and convict the perpetrator
  • The whole new Logic System, requires players to think well from stringing small pieces of information into clues and finally proof.
  • Players can rework the crime scene with true three-dimensional images
  • Experience the celebrities including the characters of Ace Law Universe.
  • High quality, sharp graphics are optimized for high-end devices
  • Image Ace Attorney INVESTIGATIONS 3 in Ace Attorney Investigations – Miles Edgeworth


Not only does the Ace Attorney INVESTIGATIONS has an interesting gameplay, but also has a beautiful 3D graphics. Therefore, players can easily reconstruct the crime scene with three-dimensional holograms, helping us complete the task of making the case easier. In general, the Ace Attorney INVESTIGATIONS game requires players to think well and not for the simple minded. So Capcom will definitely succeed with Ace Attorney INVESTIGATIONS in the near future.

Download Ace Attorney Investigations – Miles Edgeworth MOD Apk for Android, iOS

The game has now officially been launched so you can download the game completely free for your device to experience. Here is the download link from Google Play or AppStore and the APK file for you to choose to download Ace Attorney INVESTIGATIONS on your device.

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