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aCalendar+ Calendar & Tasks MOD APK (Full Patched) 2.6.1 build 2006010

aCalendar+ makes your day, week and month

App NameaCalendar+ Calendar & Tasks
Version2.6.1 build 2006010
Publisher Tapir Apps GmbH
MOD InfoFull Patched
Get it onGoogle Play


About aCalendar+

aCalendar+ is an upgraded version of aCalendar that does not have advertisements and has all of the app’s functionality unlocked. This calendar app helps users better manage essential activities by providing various views. It also makes it simple for users to add new things to the calendar to remember them and carry them out appropriately. Additionally, no advertisements are displayed when using the application, and the widgets can be significant.

Easy monitoring of the schedule, available in a variety of formats

Users of aCalendar+ can see their calendars and tasks in various convenient modes. This is because this is derived from the perspective of a different number of days, ranging from a week to an entire year; hence, each view provides helpful information and makes it simpler to organize other chores. Users receive information on public holidays that are integrated into the program, and this information varies based on the country in which the user resides.

Pick the Color That Suits You Best

Users of the app can look and feel the calendar, as well as the sug and of colors and themes in addition to the base colors. This number can range from one to over a hundred units that users are free to use to customize the interface to their liking, making it easier for observation and according to their preferences. Users can also change the typeface used for each information contained inside the calendar in some instances.

Additional Obligations That You Should Fulfill

By looking at time from various angles, users can better identify the days on which they have no obligations, and once they have done so, they can add new events to their aCalendar+. These responsibilities can take the form of work that needs to be completed or attendance on significant occasions they must be there for. In addition, the anniversary is an important day to remember, and the application organizes all the activities into separate categories.

Support for Widgets, and We Could Not Locate Any Ads

Users of an application managing their calendars cannot afford to overlook the widgets they might configure to make observing various days more convenient. The application can support devices of a maximum size that users can locate quickly and which do not omit anything significant. Because this is a premium application, users will not come across any advertisements at any point while navigating around the application.

Extra Features

Users of aCalendar+ get access to additional calendar features, including the ability to customize the calendar list with public holidays (and school holidays for some countries). In addition, users can access a more extensive palette of colors to select the colors of their themes and user interfaces, backgrounds, calendars, and events. Additionally, the application consists of business functions like inviting attendees, linking contacts, free/busy, private profiles, and sharing as ICS. Users also can manage their Google Tasks and tasks imported using CalDAV or OpenTasks. Additionally, aCalendar+ gets rid of the occasional advertisement, and Tapir Apps donates 10% of every proceeds to preserve rainforests through their pals at World Land Trust.


Views of the day, week, month, and year are all available within aCalendar+, which features an easy-to-use navigation mechanism with fluid transitions. In addition, it features widgets that fill the entire screen, variable recurrences, and colors exclusive to each event (even if the calendar for the event does not allow this feature). Along with editing features, the address book also includes birthdays and anniversaries, complete with images taken from the contacts in the book. This application takes advantage of Android’s built-in calendar backend and syncing features.


The app will only seek permissions that are essential to the app’s operation. It will never transfer any of the user’s sensitive data anyplace unless the user specifically configures it to do so, as it respects their privacy. If users have any questions regarding permissions, they are encouraged to contact the developer team.


More than 30 languages are supported by aCalendar+, most of which were translated by volunteers. Users are encouraged to contact the team of developers if they encounter an incorrect translation or wish to have their language included.


Users who find this helpful app can demonstrate their satisfaction with the application by providing a positive rating and suggesting it to those they know.


aCalendar+ is a robust and feature-rich calendar application allowing users to track their work and other critical activities through various perspectives. aCalendar+ was designed to assist users in keeping track of their work and activities. The application comes with a wide variety of features, such as national and religious holidays, colors that may be customized, business functions, and task management. In addition to that, the application provides support for widgets and possesses an easy-to-use navigation mechanism with fluid transitions. Users can customize the user interface to better fit their needs and quickly keep tabs on their work by adding new activities to the calendar. Because this is a paid program, there are no advertisements the user will see when using it.

Download aCalendar+ Calendar & Tasks MOD APK (Full Patched) 2.6.1 build 2006010

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