Aban-Knight : Idle RPG
Aban-Knight : Idle RPG

Aban-Knight : Idle RPG MOD APK (God Mode, Red Stone) 2.4.78

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App NameAban-Knight : Idle RPG
MOD InfoGod Mode, Red Stone
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God Mode, Red Stone

Abandoned Knight is a 2D action platformer game developed by Hiker Games. In this game, players take on the role of a knight who must save the princess by making it through dangerous levels full of enemies and obstacles. The controls in the game are smooth and responsive, making it easy for players to do things like jump, dash, and attack. The knight is equipped with a sword and a shield, which can be used to defeat enemies and block incoming attacks.


Due to the simplicity of the game’s design, players will find it easy to become immersed in Abandoned Knight’s story. The character’s journey facilitates a sense of immersion in their environment. Besides, it requires exceptional skill or intelligence from players. Visiting Abandoned Knight is an easy way to enter a unique atmosphere filled with thrilling combat. There should be just one separate plot directly tied to television programming. The automatic combat system is accessible to a wide variety of gamers. It also includes enthralling images and sounds and was carefully and risk-free invested in. In Abandoned Knight, players can immerse themselves in a never-ending cycle of war.

Furthermore, Abandoned Knight requires only a few sweeping fingers to enjoy. However, it requires highly strategic thinking to create a deadly combo using skills and attacks. The use of skill must be timely and effective for maximum damage. The use of skills must be timely and effective for maximum damage.

Interesting story

The plot is quite similar that can be found in numerous other games with a knightly theme. Specifically, a young knight is transported to the desert in this tale. This was the beginning of his professional rehabilitation from his previous position of poverty. Start with a poorly maintained sword. However, due to his efforts, his future looks bright. On his journey, he still faces a lot of challenges. Can his tenacity and resolve take him to victory despite everything that has gone wrong?


To maximize the spiritual journey and attain the status of a true knight, laziness must be absent. With a strong will to live and some booyah in his system, nothing can stop him. The initial difficulty will consist of a wide array of monster varieties, which are also a rich source of useful tools and weapons. Certain monsters will also drop a range of things in addition to currency. If you kill them, you can pick them up as soon as they fall to the ground. Each trophy reflects a distinct achievement achieved by the Knight.

Upgrading Heroes

In this universe, there are no limits to a hero’s strength. You’ll begin as a weak, diminutive individual. However, your strength will increase if you fight monsters for gold while plowing with hoes. As you grow, you will acquire new talents and tools that are essential to your overall strength. Only the strongest bosses will drop such potent items. This indicates that working long hours with hunting guides is the most effective technique.

Skills and equipment

The powers of the characters are strongly determined by the equipment they possess. The creator has allowed you access to a vast and varied system of super-abilities. In addition, you have an abundance of equipment, ranging from the mundane to the amazing, to create a unique and engaging character. As you can see, this lets you create a character with a distinct and unique combat style in Abandoned Knight.


Abandoned Knight is a fun and challenging action game. It’s a must-play for anyone who wants an action-packed adventure because the controls are easy to use and the levels are well-designed.

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