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A Story of A Company MOD APK (Unlimited Tickets) 1.1.0

App NameA Story of A Company
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A Story of a Company MOD APK brings you into a world of working in the offices of large corporations. Here, you will contact many particular colleagues – human hybrids. More than that, this game possesses unique gameplay and contains mysterious and exciting things. What are you waiting for without immediately downloading it and experiencing it?

About A Story of A Company!

A Story of a Company is an office narrative game developed by Buff Studio. Buff Studio is a viral RPG publisher, and A Story of a Company is also their latest product. The game revolves around an office work history of a young intern. Besides, you also have the opportunity to meet many strange and exciting colleagues. Through this game, you will gain experience in the working culture inside a professional company. In the article below, let’s discover more about A Story of a Company MOD APK with APKmazon.

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A Story of a Company is a game set in a world where humans and hybrids live together. Here, they live together in a thriving community – something that perhaps only exists in fiction novels. They work, live, communicate, and share ideas. More than that, everyone has special bonds.

Throughout the game is a working scene at a company. Where you and your colleagues meet and interact with each other daily. In the game A Story of a Company, you will be playing the role of a trainee boy named Howl. Howl started his internship at the company for more than three months as a manager assistant. Since then, he has met many friendly friends and colleagues.


A Story of a Company will revolve around the main theme of the characters’ conversations and interactions. Thanks to that, you can explore and learn about the work culture in the workplace. Thereby, you will draw many valuable lessons to apply in real life.

The operation of the game is also effortless. Mainly the essential touch and swipe operations. You can optionally choose the ability to communicate with other characters. That opens up new stories to discover in A Story of a Company.

A Story of A Company gameplay

Choose your story to play.

A Story of a Company is an open-world simulation game, so it’s up to you to choose how you develop your character. More specifically, this manifests in your conversations and interactions with the colleagues around you. Of course, when you play as Howl, you’ll chat as he is.

In specific situations, there are many options for words, thoughts, and content that you can speak. Each of those things will open up a character’s development and lead to different situations in the plot. However, you can only make one choice. You won’t be able to make a decision unless you play the game all over again.

Meet friendly colleagues

Of course, you will have colleagues when you work at a company or any corporation. They will be your companions at work, even in other activities in this A Story of a Company MOD APK game. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to meet and interact with many colleagues.

Colleagues and friends will appear in the gameplay of A Story of A Company. They are members of the company from different departments and working positions. At the same time, you can also communicate and interact through actions with them.

The unique thing about this game is your colleagues and friends. They are not ordinary people but human hybrids. Sounds weird and exciting. – Perhaps this makes A Story of a Company so much more enjoyable.

A Story of A Company features

Explore the game through each story stage

A Story of a Company is a game with an exciting and engaging storyline. Besides, the game is divided into several different stages. Each stage has different situations and content for players to experience. More specifically, the game has seven chapters waiting for you to explore. To sum up, they will lead to compelling storylines already built. The more you play, the more you will understand A Story of a Company. From there, the more you will love this game.

Conquer achievements

Besides, you can conquer achievements in A Story of a Company. These are achievements or special items in the game. You can visit your achievements on the main page of the app. In addition, you can also get hints on how to conquer new achievements. All of them are hidden to increase the attractiveness and mystery of the gameplay.

Capture all the exciting moments

An interesting thing in A Story of a Company MOD APK is that you will encounter random funny moments. Also, taking that opportunity, Howl will take pictures as souvenirs. It partly shows the content and funny and unexpected things in the company. You can visit the Album section on the app’s main page if you want to see these photos.

Game Sounds

APKmazon recommends turning on the sound when playing A Story of a Company. The reason is that Buff Studio did a great job in building the game’s sound system. More specifically, the sound is simulated, realistically, and directly interacting with the game. You will experience the most straightforward and most detailed sounds in a company. Admittedly, the publisher has invested a lot to create meticulous and well-matched audio tracks.

MOD APK of A Story of a Company

A Story of a Company is a role-playing game with an engaging and exciting storyline. However, this is a paid game across platforms. You will have to spend about $6.5 to own it. This is also a newly released game. Even this exciting game is limited to a few countries.

If you are looking for a free version of this game, let APKmazon help you. Currently, you can download the MOD APK of A Story of a Company at our blog. With this version, the game is paid for and unlocked. You can start downloading it completely free of charge from now on.

MOD Info

  • Unlimited Tickets
  • Free download on APKmazon.com


A Story of a Company is a perfect game to entertain you daily. The gameplay is relatively easy to play and relaxing. Through the content in the game, you will discover a lot of new things about the work culture. A Story of a Company MOD APK builds a professional working environment in large corporations. When you play as a member of it, you can learn many skills and develop yourself. Please click on the link below to download and install A Story of a Company MOD Unlimited Tickets for free!

Download A Story of A Company MOD APK (Unlimited Tickets) 1.1.0

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