A Dance of Fire and Ice
A Dance of Fire and Ice

A Dance of Fire and Ice MOD APK (Unlock All Levels) 2.4.7

Guide two orbiting planets along a winding path by tapping perfectly in rhythm

App NameA Dance of Fire and Ice
Publisher 7th Beat Games
Require6.0 and up
MOD InfoUnlock All Levels
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About A Dance of Fire and Ice

In A Dance of Fire and Ice, the player must maintain the delicate balance of two planets in orbit around each other as they move down a route using only one button. The game stands out from different mobile game crowds because of its innovative mechanics and stunning visuals. To complete each stage, players must retain their concentration and move the planets in the allotted amount of time.

Improved Backup System for Multiplayer

The updated backup mechanism in A Dance of Fire and Ice allows players to retrieve their saved data in case of device failure. This essential but beneficial feature is a failsafe for multiplayer games, allowing participants to resume their progress from where they left off without losing anything.

Eye-Catching Simple Graphics

The game’s breathtaking simplicity allows players to concentrate on the game’s two primary components, fire, and ice. The familiar red and blue pieces represent these two halves. As players advance through the game’s stages, the setting shifts, and new tasks that test their reflexes are introduced.

Make Fire and Ice Move

The game begins with the player controlling two correlated balls, blue and red. One component acts as a hub, while the other orbits it. Players must build a straight path to maintain the planets traveling along their trajectories, represented by diagonal lines. If a player cannot connect the two points in a straight line, they will lose both pieces and have to start over. Players need talent and strategy to master this seemingly effortless mechanic and win in a constantly shifting environment.

Diversity in Each Level

The A Dance of Fire and Ice levels cover various distances and speeds and have varying degrees of complexity. Players must align a revolving component with the white circle to complete a level. Players must rely on their reflexes and prowess as they navigate increasingly difficult stages to reach the finale.

Lots of Help for Players

The two orbs are affected by symbols that occur randomly throughout the stages. As players click on the snail icon, the planets travel more slowly, allowing them more time to go where they need to, while clicking on the rabbit image makes them move faster. These symbols represent advantageous bonuses that may be used to progress through a level.


With only one button, A Dance of Fire and Ice players must navigate two revolving planets via various environments. The game stands out from the mobile games crowd because of its basic yet attractive visuals and novel gameplay features. Players of all ages may enjoy A Dance of Fire and Ice thanks to the game’s enhanced save system, beautiful visuals, and practical iconography. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or just starting, A Dance of Fire and Ice will provide a rewarding and challenging experience.

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