10X Fire GFX Sensitivity Tool

10X Fire GFX Sensitivity Tool MOD APK (Paid/ Patched/ PRO) 2.7

App Name10X Fire GFX Sensitivity Tool
Publisher Vesperchip
Require4.4 and up
MOD InfoPaid/ Patched/ PRO
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Not all devices have enough configuration to enable the highest graphics levels in battle royale video games. The optimal solution for smoother gameplay is to use the GFX Tool, specifically the 10X Fire Sensitivity GFX Tool.

About 10X Fire Sensitivity GFX Tool

Many gamers encounter a common problem when experiencing high-graphics games like PUGB Mobile, or Free Fire is lag. They think about using third-party tools for quick GFX improvement to overcome this problem. Many GFX Tools are released on the app market today. One of the most prominent of them is the 10X Fire Sensitivity GFX Tool.

This tool allows users to make customizations in the game to improve the quality of play. The features it provides will support increasing object detail and optimization or resolution to make the game work smoother. You can actively change the indicators of sensitivity and accuracy of headshots to increase your win rate. Your playing experience will be significantly optimized and help you have cool moments.

10X Fire GFX Sensitivity Tool mod features

Increase the headshot rate up to 100%

The higher the headshot ratio, the more enemies you can kill. In survival and fighting games, this ratio is important. The aiming tool in the game may not be accurate enough to help you take down your opponent in one shot. However, with the help of the 10X Fire Sensitivity GFX Tool, you can change this stat.

Go to the tools menu and select the Headshot tool. Then adjust the desired ratio and apply it to the game you are playing. The change in headshot ratio will depend on the parameters of your device. If your device’s sensitivity is good, this parameter can be pushed to the highest level. After a successful adjustment, you will experience a significant change in each shot’s accuracy. The number of enemies you can kill will increase many times.

Sensitivity and DPI settings

Pointer sensitivity is crucial in action games. By changing the DPI in 10X Fire Sensitivity GFX Tool, you can adjust the pointer speed to increase targeting accuracy. You can reveal DPI with a quick touch. Besides, this tool allows you to change other indicators like general, red dot, 2X Scope, 4X Scope, or AWM Scope. You can adjust these parameters by dragging the adjustment bar. Then add to the game you want and enjoy the change in these stats. You will see that the character’s actions will be smoother, and there will be no more lag.

Set graphic parameters

The graphics of a game affect the gamers’ experience. Impressive graphics will attract the interest of gamers. However, not all devices meet the graphics level and display the image clarity correctly. With 10X Fire Sensitivity GFX Tool, you can change and improve the graphics parameters in the game. The parameters you can change are Resolution, FPS, and Graphics. Before changing these parameters, the system will display the level of graphical indicators for you to know. You can click on each metric to initiate the change or choose to change it automatically. Then apply these graphic changes to the game you are playing to experience the ultimate graphics.

Auto Gloo Wall

The Gloo wall can help you avoid the opponent’s attack in some situations. You can equip Gloo walls in the game and use them when needed. However, do not ignore the automatic use of this item that this tool provides. You can set up the auto use of the Gloo wall with quick actions. It will help you a lot in urgent situations. Also, you can set up automatic modes to use the Gloo wall for the best results.

Increase RAM for the device

Not only improving graphics, but 10X Fire Sensitivity GFX Tool also supports RAM boost for your device. Playing games can consume a lot of RAM and slow down your computer. Depending on your needs, you can choose GPU Turbo, Ram Boost, or CPU Turbo. Each feature is used to speed up your device and save storage space. Thus, you can set these boost features before starting the game. It will limit your device’s RAM consumption while enhancing your playing experience. Plus, you can check your Ram in the device’s information section. Besides, your device will never overheat, affecting the internal components.

Update tricks from hot YouTubers

Besides helping you improve the performance and graphics parameters in the game, you can learn many cool tricks from hot YouTubers. 10X Fire Sensitivity GFX Tool provides you with a list of hot YouTubers to learn from. You can directly select your favorite YouTubers, such as Total Gaming, Ruok FF, Badge 99, etc., and watch cool game tricks. They regularly update useful tricks and settings to keep your playing experience smooth. Therefore, if you do not know how to adjust the metrics, watch these YouTubers’ videos now.

MOD APK of 10X Fire GFX Sensitivity Tool

MOD info

  • Paid/ Patched
  • PRO Unlocked: All advanced features unlocked


With the help of the 10X Fire Sensitivity GFX Tool, your gaming experience will be greatly improved. The activities in the game will become smoother, and the graphics will be pushed to the highest level. Download the app now and set up the metrics you want.

Download 10X Fire GFX Sensitivity Tool MOD APK (Paid/ Patched/ PRO) 2.7

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